Flotation Devices for Boats

Flotation Devices for Boats

Flotation devices are used as an extra precaution when doing a water activity such as lake swimming or boating. Flotation devices can come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, but they are all there to keep you safe in the water. It is important that some type of device is worn for safety, even if it is something as simple as outdoor furniture cushions.

How do the Flotation Devices Work?

In order for the devices to work, each device must add buoyancy to a person that is using them in the water. When someone is in water, there is a force that is acting on them in an upward motion from the water, while they are creating a downward force with their weight. If the person begins to float, the force moving downward is less than the force that is currently moving in the upward direction. This means that the person is considered “buoyant.” Different levels of buoyancy are measured depending on the type of device that is being used. An example of an everyday material that is very buoyant would be a dryfast foam substance.

Types of Flotation Devices

Flotation devices are classified into different groups depending on what they are used for, says The Foam Factory. A Type One device is a lifejacket that is used offshore. Type one life jackets were created to hold a swimmer’s face out of the water even in the case that they were unconscious. Outdoor foam may be comparable to the material of a Type One device. Type Two devices are used for near-shore activities. Type Three vests are used for water that is considered more gentle and calmer. The difference between the three types is the largeness of the devices as well as the buoyancy provided.


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