How to Prepare Your Roof and Gutters for Winter

How to Prepare Your Roof and Gutters for Winter

Even if you have just had a brand new roof installed, it is critical that you take steps to examine, clean and fortify the exterior of your home before winter arrives. For homeowners with older roofs, preparation before winter is even more important. When you consider the costs of storm damage repair, taking a small amount of time out of your schedule to ensure that your roof is ready to withstand unrelenting winds, sub zero temperatures, ice and snow, is a very smart choice.


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Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Normally, having a few leaves on your roof isn’t a major reason for concern, but prior to winter it is vital to clean every nook and cranny of your roof and gutters. The reason for this is simple; loose debris can quickly become a danger to your roof in the winter, especially when it is combined with snow, sleet or ice. Moisture can become trapped under leaves, twigs and other debris on your roof, potentially leading to mold and mildew problems. Additionally, gutters can get bogged down and damaged by leaf debris during milder weather, so imagine what will happen when a strong winter storm hits. You can clean your gutters with an ordinary gardening hose with a telescoping wand attachment, and use a leaf blower to clear away all debris from your roof.

Checking Your Roof for Damage

In order to survey your roof for damage, you’re going to need to be gutsy. Although you can technically check your roof for superficial damage from your yard, you probably won’t be able to do it effectively. Use a ladder to climb onto your roof and slowly walk around the perimeter. You should keep your eyes peeled for holes, loose shingles, mold and other damage to your roof. While you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing this, it is important that your visual inspection is thorough and complete.

Give Your Attic a Once-Over

Not all roof damage is apparent from the outside, so going into your attic should be a part of your pre-winter preparation plans. Examining your attic when the sun is at its peak will allow you to easily see if there are any obvious holes or other damage to your roof. While you are in the attic, you can also take a closer look at how your existing insulation is holding up. It should be around the same temperature in your attic as it is in the rest of your home before winter arrives, so if it feels considerably colder, re-insulation may be necessary.

Consulting with a Professional Roofer

If you want to be as prepared as possible for winter, have a professional roofer come out for an inspection. No matter how hard you look for damage nor how thoroughly you clean your roof, there is always a chance that you can miss something in the details. Professional roofers are well trained and have a lot more experience than the average homeowner.

All of your work will pay off when you get through the winter months without a hitch. While other homeowners have to deal with roof damage repair and emergency service calls, all you’ll need to think about is what temperature to turn your thermostat to. A well maintained roof saves prudent homeowners lots of money on both roof repair and replacement.

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