Kinds Of Wood And Types Of Wood Used For Furniture Raw Materials

Kinds Of Wood And Types Of Wood Used For Furniture Raw Materials

Basically any kind of wood can be used as raw material of furniture provided that wood is included in the type of hardwood (has a good level of hardness). In addition, the wood can also be processed as cut, carved, spliced, sanded etc. So essentially the wood has a sufficient level of hardness to be processed and used as furniture or other wood furniture.

Of the several types of wood that we often use and used as raw materials such furniture include:

Teak Wood

It’s no secret if this wood is a type of wood that has always been excellent in the world of furniture. Because, when viewed from the demand side, teak furniture enthusiasts classified very much, not only in Indonesia but even to the international level. In addition to known strong and durable, furniture made of teak wood also impressed luxurious and elegant. The reason is because teak has fiber and wood texture laden with decorative value.

Acacia wood

In plain view, this acacia wood has a color and wood fiber that is almost similar to teak wood. And that is one reason this wood is widely used by the community to make furniture. In addition, although acacia wood has a fairly heavy weight but this wood is also known to be quite durable and strong.

That is some kinds and types of wood commonly used for furniture raw materials, of all kinds of wood species have advantages and disadvantages of each. We as users should be able to use it in accordance with our needs and desires. How? Are you interested in making furniture products with wood raw materials above or with other wood? Please consult us and order furniture products at Project Overview. Reclaimed Flooring Company is the right solution to meet your needs and your desire to have furniture products with guaranteed quality and low price.

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