Refinishing Winter Damaged Furniture

Refinishing Winter Damaged Furniture

If your wicker furniture is damaged from harsh winter weather, then you can refinish it to make it beautiful again. Use your garden hose to wash the debris from the wicker before scraping the paint or stain from the material. According to Wicker Paradise, it’s very easy to paint over the aluminum frames that your wicker furniture is built over.

Next, wash the surface of the wicker couches again to get rid of the loose paint chips or stain. If you notice mold growth on the wicker fibers of the chairs, then you should eliminate it with a mixture of detergent, water and bleach. Scrub at the contamination gently with a soft-bristled brush.

Use Spray Paint

The best way to stain or paint the wicker on your couches is by spraying it rather than brushing it on. Make sure to complete this chore outside your home on a day when it isn’t windy. It can take several days for the paint or stain to dry before you can use the furniture, but this gives you an opportunity to find outdoor replacement cushions. Use a measuring tape to determine the best sizes of the seat or back cushions, and look for your favorite color at a store.

Buy New Cushions

In some cases, the snow and ice from winter weather has destroyed the cushions of your outdoor furniture. However, replacement cushions for patio furniture are available at specialty stores. When you paint or stain wicker sofas, you can change the color of the furniture before buying new cushions that provide a different decorative effect outside your home.

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