Selling Your Home: Ensuring Your Plumbing Is Ready

Selling Your Home: Ensuring Your Plumbing Is Ready

When you sell your home, one of the most visible features that the potential new owners will care about is the plumbing and your fixtures.  Ensuring that you have a system that is ready to go for their future will help you sell your home much faster.  It is therefore pretty common practice to hire a plumber to come out and look at your home so that you can make any necessary adjustments before you start having people look at your home.

Here are some tips on how to prep your home so that your plumbing system appeals to potential buyers:

Get a home warranty:  

It may sound strange to get a warranty on a home system that you are looking at fixing or upgrading, but a home warranty can make your home more attractive to buyers because if something goes wrong after they purchase it, they will not have to worry about making a big payment in order to fix it.  Many home warranties cover all plumbing systems in your home, making it a feature that many real estate agents feel is indispensable.

Switch to instant hot water:

With the help of an experienced plumber that specializes in upgrades, like , your Canadian home can obtain more energy-efficient plumbing for the next owner.  Your water heater is one of the parts of your home that takes a lot of energy to run.  It essentially is heating water and keeping it hot for you while you are not using it.  When you replace it with a system that heats water instantly, you not only save space, you can also expect some electricity or gas bill savings because you will be using less water.  Of course, the primary thing to remember is that when you upgrade, you will have unlimited hot water available.  That type of setup is very appealing to buyers that have families that can potentially drain a hot water heater when they take a shower.

Don’t let the pressure drop on you:

New technology has made it possible for plumbers to see inside pipes and test the actual strength of the piping system in your house.  This makes it easy for you to find weak spots and areas that are close to being worn out.  In addition to being able to detect trouble spots, experienced plumbers can also ensure that your water pressure is consistent in your home.  The first thing many home buyers do when they look at your home seriously is to turn on all the water faucets simultaneously and check to see how the water pressure is.  They will also likely check how well it heats up.  If they notice that the water pressure is lower than they have at their current home or apartment, it may be a negative that they ask you to fix.

Clear the way:

On the other side of the plumbing equation, your pipes need to be clear so that there are no clogs or backups visible to potential buyers.  For most homeowners, clogged drains and toilets are something that happens periodically, making it fairly easy to work with your local plumber to fix any problem that you might have in advance of putting your home on the market.

If you have periodic problems because of your water table or storm drains, it may take a bit more planning.  Some older homes still end up with water in the basement in the Wintertime.  That can create problems like mold that will show up on any home inspection that you do.  One way to combat water in the basement or under the house is to add a sump pump that pumps water out to a spot in your yard or sewer line that can handle the extra capacity.  In most cases, if the water is not near the house, the basement will stay dry.   Your plumber can also make recommendations on what to do with the soil around your home so that you can add drainage pipes on the outside that channel water away.

Preparing your home for sale can take some work.  If you focus on providing a sterling plumbing system to visitors that are shopping for homes, you will put yourself in a much stronger position if they are interested.

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