Tips to Help Replace Couch Cushions for Less

Tips to Help Replace Couch Cushions for Less

As comfortable as couch cushions are, sometimes the occasion calls for a replacement. Spills, rips and general wear and tear are all potential pitfalls in the life of the average couch cushion, and replacement must be considered carefully. There are many types of replacement pillows available across the internet, and the shape of the potential replacement must be taken into account prior to purchase. Listed below are three main types of pillows, and their roles in the great furniture hierarchy.


Geometric pillows serve a dual purpose. They made function as stand-alone pieces or connectors for sofa seat cushions. It is important to assess the function of the faulty pillow before making any hasty purchases, as improper assessment can lead to the pillow sticking out like a sore thumb over the topography of whatever room it’s situated in.


Sofa cushions shaped like the letters “L” and “T” are most commonly used in armchairs and other such pieces of furniture with protruding appendages. These pillows are shaped the way they are to maximize the fit with bulky and cumbersome furniture installations. It is absolutely imperative to measure correctly, so that the arms of the pillow match with the arms of the chair.


End pieces usually have the most random designs, making them the most difficult of pillows to easily replace says The Foam Factory. The same measurements that apply to the other two groups of pillows apply here, perhaps even more so.

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