We’re Living the Good Life in a Really Good Community

We’re Living the Good Life in a Really Good Community

My wife and I had never made any previous plans to join a country club one day, but that is what we ended up doing. It happened after we played a few golf games with friends and quickly became obsessed with it. We now live in a gated country club community. Recently, I was put in charge of finding a concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY to replace the old frense around the community, and instead, put up a new conrete wall fence. It took a lot of work, but looks fantastic. I love being voted in to take charge of these types of projects beause I am really good at it. Living here has been really good for us.

We had never paid any attention to golf previously. My dad played it when I was a kid. I went out to the driving range to hit balls with him a couple of times when I was pretty young, but nothing about it really attracted me. It was only recently this past year after we played full games with our friends. Now we both feel like we really want to get in one full game per week! It has been nice exercise for us, too. Sometimes we use a cart to get around on the course, but for the most part, we prefer to walk through all of the holes. It takes about 4 hours and gives us the physical activity that we both clearly need at our age.

Another nice thing about living in this community is the actual country club. It is the meeting place for everyone here. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everyone meets throughout the week. We also hold events like birthday and anniversary parties there, too. The food is really good. We love the chef, and since my wife is vegetarian, he makes all sorts of special meals for her at her request.

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